Bacari and Cicheti

Bacari and Cicheti

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A taste of happiness in Venice A taste of happiness in Venice

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Ancient names characterize the best typical taverns where the Venetians meet, following a tradition that goes back centuries, for a drink or a break. In the Rialto area next to Palladio’s Bridge and the most famous fish and vegetable market in Venice, the locals crowd the “Al Volto” (the Vault), the “Al Portego”(the Arcade), or the “Do Spade” (The Two Swords) for a drink, or a glass of wine, and some small bites of delicious finger food, almost an appetizer, known in Venice as “Cicheti”. These tasty temptations are offered on display on the tavern counter – delectable morsels of fish, cured meats, meat and vegetables. In Venice, the custom called “andar per bacari e cicheti” is the gentler equivalent of the pub crawl – traipsing from tavern to tavern (bacari, in the local lingo) after a long morning’s work, or in the evening hours before dinner, meeting friends, sipping fine wines accompanied by all kinds of mouth-watering Venetian-style delicacies.


A visit to the Rialto area and its market to the discovery of the typical taverns of Venice to taste the local wines and sample the delicacies in the leisurely pre-dinner ritual so dear to Venetians.

  • Starting point in Campo San Bartolomeo under the Goldoni monument;
  • Across the Rialto Bridge to the historic Fish Market;
  • Explore the San Polo District with stops at typical establishments and taverns;
  • Back to Rialto and Campo San Bartolomeo.


    Approx. 1,5 hour




    Adults: € 40,00 per person


    Glass of Pinot Grigio – white wine
    Glass of Prosecco – white wine
    Glass of Cabernet – red wine
    A little taste of baccalà mantecato (creamed codfish)
    A little taste of calamari
    A little taste of baccalà alla vicentina (codfish, Vicenza-style)




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