Absolute Venice

Absolute Venice

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The finest treasures of the Serenissima Republic

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Part one

This walking tour features all the most significant monuments that stand in testimony to the glorious past of Venice.  Discover the thousand-year long history of the Serenissima, and learn how this island city became a cross-roads of civilizations and the Queen of the Seas.


  • St. Mark’s Square, description of the history of the main monuments: St. Mark’s Basilica, The Doge’s Palace, the Campanile, the Clock Tower, the Procuratie
  • S. Maria Formosa, with its lively “Campo”, one of the most popular squares in Venice
  • The Church and Campo of SS. Giovanni e Paolo – the “Pantheon” of Venice, the great charitable Scuola and the heroic deeds of the famed Captains of fortune
  • Marco Polo’s house and Teatro Malibran – where ancient and recent history meet in this wonderful corner of Venice Back to St. Mark’s through the famous Mercerie, once the commercial lifeline between Rialto and St. Mark’s and today Venice’s main shopping district

    Part two

    We enter the Doge’s Palace, the highest achievement of Gothic architecture in Venice, through the  Porta del Frumento (Corn Door) on the waterfront. The monumental complex was the symbol and center of the political and administrative life of the Serenissima. At once the Doge’s residence, seat of government and court of justice and prisons, the Palace was for centuries the symbol of the wealth and power of the Venetian Republic.


  • Enter the Doge’s Palace and the inner courtyard surrounded by the four monumental facades. Ascend to the first floor through the spectacular Giants’ Staircase flanked by the huge marble statues of Mars and Neptune by Jacopo Sansovino
  • See the impressive halls and the magnificent Sala del Maggior Consiglio, the hall where the Major Council met
  • Through the adjoining Bridge of Sighs cross into the bleak cells of the Prison Building

    approx. 3.5 hours




    Adults: 65.00€ per person
    5€ surcharge from April 1, 2014
    Children under 6:  free


    Entrance fee to the Basilica for immediate access. No waiting lines!
    Seated explanation inside the BASILICA Entrance fee to the Doge’s Palace for immediate access.
    No waiting lines




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